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Open Letters to Melania Trump

Mexican Border

Hello my name lis Debra Spear Thank You for your Husband on signing a bill for children that have cross the border with their parents they should'not be taken away from their parents but in all respect they did break the law . I know they experience difficult times in their country but a law is a law . The world is crazy right now everyone needs to pray so this can be a even better country for peace & love

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Help me get a grant

Dear Melania,

Can you please help me. I have been trying to get a grant for raised garden beds. I am a disabled nurse. The only thing I had was gardening to keep my mind and body busy. I can no longer garden the normal way, and need assistance due to fixed income from disability. I do not have the extra money to have raised garden beds built that are on legs so I can stand and garden. I have put in application after application for funding . I have never heard back from anyone.
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Stay Strong

I just want to say you are loved by so many people in America and around the world. Many of us have gone through times with our husbands when they were not faithful including me. If it is true hang on to Jesus. He is the faithful one. My husband is now sold out to Jesus and regrets where he walked in sexual sin. Forgiveness from us as their spouses can be hard but Jesus can make it so much easier. President Trump is on a journey as all of us are. God is working on him as he worked on my husband. Walk with your head up high. You did nothing to cause this. He is walking closer to Jesus now mo... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

You are lucky!

Dear Melania:
You are married to a power house of a man and of course, he would have his pick of the most beautiful women of the world. Don`t let anything hurt you or your son or husband`s feelings about certain mean people. I wrote your husband and told him what a great job he is doing. I just wish that my husband was here to see the end to the Korea war that he died for. My husband would be so proud of your husband and of course, the woman always makes the man, right? I hope I am not too forward in my writing, but I am just honest and straight forward like our President. Thank y... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >



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