Starving America

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Dear Melania,

As a Mother I know you would be concerned about the children of America. This is a critical issue with food and health, the footprints we leave for our children are the ones they must follow.

Please consider this issue that I have already presented to your husband perhaps mention it to him at dinner. Many American's will not have food today the reason is out lined in this petition I have just started in hopes that others will assist in my efforts of presentation in the future. I feel this is a basic crime against humanity and the American People in the name of GREED only. Please read and give great thought mostly for the children who suffer daily. For some reason Spirit led me to these pages this morning to request your help so he has a plan for it's pathway.

Petition many are afraid to sign as it goes to IRS attention as well as The President

Spirit Blessing and Protection in All you do
Betty Garrity


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I urge all who see this open and read the petition, hunger is an undesirable pain why should our children suffer this when it is preventable ?

By Betty Garrity

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