pedido de ajuda de uma filha desesperada pela sua mãe no Brasil

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My name is Mary Elizabeth Wheat, my adopted mom gave me this name, I was born here in Brazil, my name is Baptism (Francisca Eliane Gomes Silva), and at the age of 3, my father was Though and my mom had mental problems without conditions to take care of me, so at the time a man went to live with my mom and as she was not able to take care of me I was taken care of by this man since the age of seven he did I work from sun up to the sun every day without any mercy and he still threatened me saying that if I did not do everything right he would kill me, he was very bad and I was very afraid of him, he took responsibility with me but he was very violent And beat me almost every day, my body was all blown up shedding blood from so much that I caught, I worked with him on the rice plantation and other things, I was just a child did not know how to work right and he was very angry with him Migo and said screaming that he could kill me and bury me in that desert and no one would know about me, one day I was working I was only ten years old so I could not stand the scorching midday sun and sat under a tree When he saw me seated he ran towards me and I knew he would hurt me so I ran desperately into a hot grassy jungle and he reached me and hit me so much he was a big, strong man I could not stand and fall As dead I was fainted maybe he thought I was dead but I was still breathing and the scorching midday sun did not make me come back to life, then I woke up and I saw that it was in the middle of the bush, these were one of the many beatings that I received from this Man, I was again in the cotton harvest with so much fear and to take all the cotton from the plantation I climbed on a wire fence the wire entered my belly and bled a lot he said works and does not stop, this is nothing yet Not even two liters of blood left him that way! With seventeen years I entered the convent I graduated in pedagogical technique (magisterium) and I entered the monastery I spent more than fifteen years of my life in the religious life I lived in Spain in the monastery with residence visa and I lived in Peru in the monastery, I met My mom by fb in one of the visits when I came from spain to brazil, in the monastery we do not use fb! So my mom and I met in person by skype, while still I was religious she took care of myself distant and from there a very strong bond of mom and daughter happened, my mom is called Maureen Ann Wheat she lived in in ST.Louis Missouri 63144 in Mary Kay Court 2420 USA, Tel 01 3149611865 her email but now she moved to illinois because the house was not mommy's, she lives in a rental house, and to pay my expenses here she had That look for a cheap but rent house, my mom for years takes care of me she is a perfect mom, concluding my story after I found my mom my life changed became all colored! Smile, now I had my mom, I already I'm not alone, so I decided to leave the convent to live next to my mom, but my fight was just starting out of the convent from Lima (Peru) to Brazil about five years ago I'm living here alone in Brazil in Fortaleza moro In an apartment I am a retired therapist, so these days she made a loan to pay a tourist visa for me and my ticket to the US, but my visa was denied, as I was. I have nothing to hold me here in Brazil no family bond, study or work my visa was denied, I really only have my mom who takes care of me and protects me, my mom is 61 years and is the best mom in the world I now I'm 39 years old, Mrs. Melania, you're mom and you know what my mom and I have been separated for a long time because I'm a foreigner, I only have my mom in this world that is American, my mom is everything I have in this life. , My mom is the air in my lungs, my life, my everything, my mom is my whole universe, I would give my life for my mom, I have no one else to turn to, I beg and beg you to help me, My visa was denied for the reasons I quoted above, will you not Could you help me by interceding for me with your husband Trump so that the American consulate in Recife (Brazil) reconsiders
My visa application has been denied, or if you can help me otherwise I will be forever grateful, for God's sake lady help me told me that you are a woman of faith, catholic and I know you have a big heart and Will have mercy on me, I have no life away from my mom, my mom is all I have in this life, my mom is my reason to live,
My email: Yours sincerely, I hope your good news and all you want to tell me, Yours truly, Mary Elizabeth Wheat


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Blessed First Lady of World Humanity and Honorable First Lady of United States, my sister Melania Trump,
i plead the intercession of my daughter's patroness, the Little Virgin of Guadalupe, to address you for help with my daughter, Mary Elise Wheat. She has lived an "invisible" life, first by inhumane abuse, then under the rule of monastic contemplative living. I have excised myself from my family estate, maintain a rental residence with a friend in Missouri, and a sleeping room in Illinois, as her home is small. Given this, i am no less a "displaced person" than is my daughter in Brazil. Mary Elise for me, is the parable of the man, finding a great pearl, sold everything he had to purchase the lot and have the pearl. I knew from the beginning that God crafted our souls from a very small remnant of fabric--but it was this same remnant that formed both of us. Mary Elisabeth, named for the Mother of our Lord Jesus and the mother of John the Baptist knows very little of the secular world. She tells me everything and we learn how ambient evil really is. Mary Elise maintains her vows from the monastery: poverty, chastity and obedience. She wants a husband and a child. My daughter does not lie--ever--and does not know when men lie to her. It has been heart breaking for me to tell her "no" to the men who view her astounding beauty, very well kept body, and know she will believe anything. We have tried every avenue to bring her to me so we may be "mother and daughter under one roof." Mary is not only very attractive in the secular sense, but very intelligent, cultured and diplomatic. She has unused talents in art, tasteful fashion, interior design--and has never been to school for these. If there is any way you might help us bring her here--we ask though the intercession of Mary Elizabeth's Holy Patroness and in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Most Holy Spirit. There is NOTHING i will not do for her. We are not afraid of poverty in the material world--as we both live it. We plead the Biblical stand of the "Widow and the Unjust Judge." We will continue to plead until there is justice for my daughter to live with her mother of eternity, under the Mantle of the Mother of God. All my love, maureen wheat

By Maureen Wheat

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