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President Trump July 22, 2017
The healthcare debacle, first stick to your plan, if repeal is first step, then give Obamacare some time, while Congress gets replace straight. These conditions MUST be part of any plan
Get the government out of Healthcare with the exception Medicare and The VA.
Turn over Medicaid to the states no federal Bailout. The Federal government cannot be the final payer.
Medicine and medical plans can reach across state lines
Groups can develop and negotiate plans
No costs can be added to the deficit.
You will get all kinds of flack by the “do gooders and media” about the poor and destitute. but that is the responsibility to the states not the Federal government.
Implementation can be over 2 years
Maintain Social Security, it’s only problem is funding. This is problem was caused by Congress. Congress stole $2.7 Trillion Social Security tax deposits over the years. They used it like piggy bank and just left an IOU.
My America has all of the freedoms given to American citizens in the constitution. America is a nation of immigrants. Millions came to live the America dream and were welcomed. The right to live free and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the basis of my America. Americans we are responsible for their own lives and welfare, nowhere in Constitution does it say the government pays. Only politicians’ say that. So they can give them benefits for not being a responsible citizen. Existing charities have the ability to serve their needs. As a last resort the States should have that responsibility. It is not a federal government responsibility.
Keep up the good work, continue the pressure on reducing federal spending, the deficit is the #1 problem.
Gene Graney Proud American Citizen


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please talk to the President about this letter
Gene Graney

By Eugene Graney

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