First Lady -- Hear me / med- west -out and share with your D.J. -- ok?

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Good afternoon Mel-- gal-- You are so beautiful and I see why our loving President has you as his wife-- ! --
Anyway topics in question that should be addressed soon--
Gaw -It must be a curse at times to be a part of the Christ family - that of Donald's mother I mean--
(Wow what a hat-ful BEOCH at times-- bet cha-- huh? )

The issue of 'tighen security at Banks across America-- and then eventually the
international -- areas-- But first Our Nation's one --- and then the banks - can add symbols -such
on for that extension - ya know? -- Yes---
Did Donald get in touch with Bank Authority he trusts and ask the question about my 12 character
solution -- for National - ( or is it 17 -due to such a large number --ya know) accounts -
So what we're looking for is a synonym for SIGNATURE-- thus our proof of legality / ethnic
code-- that is suppose to be tied to each transaction -- Ya know? -- Or it aint' legal -- definitely not
ethical and thus -- Ragedy Ann calls it Freud-- stuff and wel It's fraud--

I offered such a option to solve the hangin over the banks and then client such --
and It's the 12 to 17 character of -- tie in to customer's name. thus to get the
sign/code -- attachment for each transaction -- THAT ISN'T THERE NOW__
and if this isn't done pretty soon-- I predict accounts of a frenzie/ panic --such that it will cause a lot
of calamity - if you know what I mean---

Mel-- did you by chance get enrolled with the Psychology courses for future education that I suggested
some 5 months ago ? ---
Then what about Our -- The Trump -- a news release of Fairskin Heretage -Rallys and speculative
Straight Pride Shindig? -- Surely this is impress enough to at least check into it GAWWWWW
I get so tire fo these NEGRO Leaguers -- being boosted-- when approx 81 % are -from the beginning
Hateful Illegit NEGROID/ bastards and bastardetters- that are not our eequal-- they are low to no
moral -stats and so WE need to make some noise for OUR SIDE__

Mel-- these Negro leaguers -- say the Negar / neggar word - every day / then some times
weekly -oso they cut back on such disgrace full and Disrespect ful times- This subject is
one that in 1970s

Then -- Just know I sent the issue of the repeated verse-- Jesus died for sins-- - to a highly sophisticated
Immac Concepti parrish in D. T. KK. C , Mo and to figure out what can be done to halt the false preaching
and thus wrongful application of such a crime - of Jesus Christ-- that bad friday -- in the Nazty land lcourt
yard-- where by a hand ful of thugs were dismissed by Pilate -- N - e -g- a- r - and then Pilate chose to pick
up a board and hit Jesus Christ-- who was sitting on a boulder-- on the outskirts of Nazty - dirty court
yard - l and--- upon which jesus fell forward and Pilate grabbed his hands -and dragged him -- - prob ripping
the clothes off of Jesus-- to a 'dungeon/ tomb ' 'ONLY PILATE KNEW" --
The point is -- These African-- aka Negro - black men/ women -- are still of illegiti ways and that 's hateful
and from moment one- ---- so a blanket medical statement about such kind-- is they are - low moral
- - That I guarantee OUr Heritage -- of FAIRSKIN - which is a lot of groups of us -- versuses this
cloak and dagger - wired in the brain -- bad-- - Negro leaguers -- -- whose display of ILLEGIT acts
are masquaraded back to 1789 -- when coming to America -- as the Barbaric, Hostile bastards of the
sea-- and their thrust desire of a bad kind -- to get the guns and ammunition of the Pirates and
the vikings there on the Ocean water too----- and shoot any body in sight -- like it was s video game--
And God knows-- those day settlers of good people _ like McDonald--- Dominques, just good
hi standard of moral fiber character - people -- were the target of their expressed and then explosive
actions that destroyed a lot of us in the path-- - for weeks and the relief, I believer came
when -- George and his Parenting Fellowship of men-- were made aware of these incidents on
the shores of Maine --port of -- and then Delaware -- and they strategicall handled the way to thwart
the ' tar painted boat comers - Negro -- who got hold of hand guns and ammuntion and started
battles with -- those easter coast towns and those battles turned in to massacres -- to a large number --
I mean Significate numbers of homicides and well-- count was reporte 10s of thousands
and then 100s of thousands due to such Yellow Liar -- Offensive bastardy acts that these
Negros introduced to the coast back then -- It was a BLOOD BATH -- and Gee man ( G. W.)
and men took the conflict to heart and opposed the African -- gang - bastards -- to get them to
HALT the violence and that a clean up could/ would be done- for the destruction they had
scalded on the American Settlers of that coast--

Hey Mel--- do you ever look out the window and see a sign that's a big X-- I have and I say it's Jesus
who is sending a hug to those who will look up and realize - gotta have courage to see your life and
others thru so -- rock on-- AMEN


Michele Mari'  Berry's picture

BAsically regarding the False teaching of Jesus died for their sins - applied to
the black/ negro leaguers here -- and I have been around them for 7 plus years-
-- It's puzzling that the are using - wrong application for the Word-- and that means they have accellerated due to - financial gain of - eg Uncle Sam Gov's funds
and services--- -- and that is not what the broad band message is about--
It is -- Jesus's death takes care of the first minor sins of all -in ear's length--
In other words Negro - black terrorist acts of major offense that go back to --
even the days of Moses-- Who was the Pied piper for the spread of the commandments from the Lord-- and thus the obeying of these basic 10 are
the healthy paths back on to grace land -- for sure.
Gee Elvis was sure a good King of Roc and Roll --- and sincerely
but the sarcastic twist - of Jesus - king of the -- JEWS_- NO that wasn't really it says my apron strings to my children and to my parents who have passed away--
Jesus-- in Spain was totted as the prince of juice -- and around 11 yrs old that
thing came to be-- so who started that other -- - I'd say the hebrews who heard half of what was goin on and then concluded too early - the b.s expression of king of Jews-- which I reiterate is ' false hoold' as Jesus was ESANOL tied to Spaniard Josepe' and that's the area they lived in for residence -- except for when they -- Joseph and crew were on the road building things in eg-- France
so of Med sea skin / FAIR SKIN HERITAGE that taught morals and had discipline for the family for such -- conduct - Jesus CHRIST- basically - due to demog- and language spoken thru his years as a Christ member - was ESPANOL' -- and thus - elinked to his father's ways -- of Constructo
and a will of pipe dreams to - master the building industry there in that area with
wood--products that were magnifique-- !!! Unlike the products of a metal -
medal kind from Italy- that wowed people differently --
All Even santa knows-- of those in D. C. affeliated with the Federal governemtn
shoudl be good forced to get a mental/ brain check - exam by a certified psychologist that the name can be attained by pickin up a phone book--in their
area-- Please the Finances -- due to Obama INSANE bad choices -- is in shambles -- and Obama's talk of one way and then doing - the oposite -- could
be looked as a Jeckle and HYDE - thing that means he was a criminal offender and then that's not just crazy -- and it's not a behavior clinic of a True man to
deal with - so lets hope it's just the megalomania -- Brain dysfunction for Jesus sake--

By Michele Mari' Berry
Michele Mari'  Berry's picture

These media papers -- of William Randolph Hera/ first papers ( biggest ) and
then the second one-- McClatchu should be told -- if you don't comply with
at least Mental exams for the Established Quo - that a chain of
legal jargon correspondence notes -- could be at their front office desks --
soon if they don't all get the certified psychologist test of Dr. Hermann for
the mirrors of their -- bent minds that heed therapy -- to unravel so me
news from yesteryears but found in the months-to com -

By Michele Mari' Berry

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