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Dear mrs. Melania Trump, thank you for this opportunity for my voice to be heard, we have a problem with our school lunches here in southmayd Texas. They are absolutely nasty, my granddaughter whom I am raising will come home from school saying how she was starving to death that the school lunches and breakfast you're so nasty that she couldn't eat it. She has made these comments on several different occasions and I have also heard other children make these comments so one day I decided to check it out. I went to the school and had lunch with my granddaughter and she's absolutely right the food is so nasty you cannot put it in your mouth there is no excuse for this they are either just lazy and don't care what the kids eat or for some reason undercutting the school lunches. while I was at the school having lunch with my granddaughter I noticed that as all of the other children took their tray to the trash can to scrape out what was left, that they were in fact scraping out entire platefuls of food, this is unacceptable that's a lot of money taxpayer money that is just simply being thrown in the trash! And was funny to me is all of a sudden the teachers got a brand new smoothie machine so that they can have smoothies and they leave the school to go get their food from Whataburger or other places and eat it right in front of the children I don't know personal feelings that's just mean I would choke on my food before I could eat it in front of those hungry children knowing that the food they're eating is crap so crappy in fact that the teachers won't even eat it. We pay a lot of property tax money here and I don't understand why when so much of that property tax money goes to the school our children aren't allowed to have a decent meal a hot and healthy meal because they're not I went there I tried to eat it and it was simply grow test. Please , would you do what you can to help these kiddos they work hard all day they deserve a good healthy lunch, one more thing I went to the school one day and it was hot outside but when I went in side the school was so cold I instantly started shivering and when I made a comment to the secretary about it she said oh well taxpayers pay for it will use all we want! What a my opinion the woman must not have realized that she was talking to a taxpayer and I did not appreciate her comment especially knowing that if they would just simply turn up on the air live a little bit warmer and they would suddenly find the money obviously needed to give these children a decent meal. We send our children to school 5 days a week and we expect them to eat good and to be safe just as if they were at home. Please mrs. Trump don't forget about me and that I wrote you this letter it's very important not just to me and this school but two other schools around the country, if you don't believe me simply come to southmayd Texas have lunch with my granddaughter spaghetti day is a real good day, sorry I was throwing a little sense of humor in there because the spaghetti is the worst of all, besides their eggs for breakfast not sure it's an egg. LOL. With my deepest respect to you mrs. Trump and your entire family thank you. Sincerely, Sheila a godbey


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Thank you

By Sheila Godbey

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