Your husband

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It is obvious your husband is an unhappy man. Look at the scowl on his face. I feel you know what a joke he is and and are not happy as his wife.
Sorry for you.


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It is NOT obvious Trump is an unhappy man. His life is none of your business.
You are obvious a low life and unhappy yourself. You should go crawl in a hole with Hillary and the Clinton's cartel. Leave Melania out of your downfall. She is a brilliant woman and deserves better than this. She is the FIRST LADY AND A GRAND ONE.

By Roz
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You're just out of your mind when did you become a mind reader you're just jelious because you will never wake up to a beautiful woman. Hey stupid she is our first lady and very classy so be an adu!t and be respectful! If you can't say nothing nice then keep your ugly heart to your self !And don't you want your life better? When well you people wanted Obama in office Look at the mess that has and needs to be cleaned up !He just rode that horse and screwed so much what a joke !!!

By Me
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You are just out right rude to our first lady . I'm so sure you will never get a beautiful woman like her .so go crawl back in mama's house lol !! I'm so sure you can't get a date so call Hilary. Lol

By Me

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