Dear mrs trump,

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Hello, I am comming to you for your help and a miracle  ! My best friend and niece is going to die if she does not get help from the Phoenix cancer center. Unfortunately she does not have the $10,000.00 they want, to admit her. She has already had her voice box removed, the main vein artery to her brain removed leaving one main artery to her brain and cancer is wrapped around it as well her throat burned skin graphs. Her name is Amanda Roberts. She is 25 years old and has a beautiful baby boy 1 1/2 years old. He will never hear his mothers voice again ! This beautiful young lady has her whole life ahead of her and shes now going to loose it ! And her son will loose her for ever ! Amanda worked and went to school and helped support her mother who had a nervouse breakdown and depression due her sister was missing for 30 years she was murdered. They just found the bones and body.She was murdered and now has just been cremated. That was Amanda's aunt. That's another story. But Amanda is brite sweet loving caring fun and full of life and a great loving mother. She deserves to live and have a future ! I am pleading to you please help her ! As you can see in her photos she's cut from ear to ear and all way Down her throat voice box gone skin removed from her arm put in her throat radiation kemo therapy. She's fighting for her life to be with her son ! This beautiful girl is both beautiful inside and out ! And a heart of gold ! I am asking you from my heart and soul to help her to go public for donations to raise 10,000.00 to send her to the best cancer treatment center in the country in Phoenix Az. I know you can help her. She deserves a life with her child. Her grandmother is taking care of her at her house her name is Shirley Karlek. Shirley karlek is an amazing woman she is 70 and her husband Chuck Karlek 85 who had a stroke. this woman lost her son to heart attack her daughter murdered and now her grand daughter dying of cancer and her other daughter a nervouse break down and depression her husband stroke falling all time breaking bones but she keeps her faith in God and never stops praying and believing in him. Amanda her grand daughter as you can see in her picture in hospital perked up seeing her baby boy with her voice box cut out only week before this picture stitches from ear to ear down her neck throat burnt from radiation yet she sits up and smiles with love and incitement  in her heart and in her eyes when she sees her son omg ! What love that is ! Please help me to help her ! Please I am pleading from my heart and soul to you to reach out to the public and answer this struggling young beautiful human being and girls prayers and heart so she may live and raise her child !  And continue to make this world a better place with her in it ! I myself love her with my heart and soul I pray for her every day. You can reach Amanda Roberts at 520-327-2098 but she can not talk no voice box her grandmother Shirly Karlek and her mother Jennifer Billote is at the house as well to speak to. I plead to you to help this shining star of a girl and her brite young baby boy to have a life togather and to help a beautiful girl inside and out to be able to live and make our world a better place with her in it ! Please reach out to the public and good citizens of Tucson Az. For donations and help to raise $10,000.00 for her to go to the best cancer treatment center in the country. This girl deserves to live love and be with her child. May God help you to help her... to live. Amen. You are her last hope. Thank you Mr. Michael RAfferty. 505-321-4241.


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I am an avid trump man i love your family and will stand behind you and next to you always. Please read this letter Mrs. Trump it is of dire need of attention and help fir this young girl. Thank you. MR. RAFFERTY 505-321-4241

By Michael Rafferty

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