My son is firing I can't get any help My son's dieing

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Mother to mother please, please help me I am a doable vet. You being a mom will under stand when I say I am begging you to help can't afford my son's liver meds and we are flooding him We applied to Medicaid over a month ago when doctors told us he is firing and had to give him his meds and to specialists We can't afford any more . We are trying to mortgage to get money for meds and doctors,but it takes along time please help us get help before it's to late I am begging with all my heart and soul help us please Thank You Arthur and Kathy Martinez 704-605-4923 Charlotte n.c 28212


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I miss hit wrong letters I ment my son is Firing not firing and that I am disable vet. Please over look spelling but even though im not good at this typing im so desperate ill try anything to help and you also benn a mom i have to have faith in you to help me. Thank you again Martinez Family

By Arthur ,Kathy M...

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