Dear Melania Trump,

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Why are kids being forced to go to school with winter coats and hats on in the east coast poor public schools and the senators, congressmen and women may have 2 homes and the President has spent $93,000,000 golfing since elected?
These kids come from poor homes where one or both parents work so if kids were sent home, no one would be there to supervise them.
The water pipes have burst in the schools and the floor tiles are floating. Parents here said this is not new but an on-going problem.
I wish I could tell you exactly what school but I heard only the last part of the story with teachers interviewing the kids they were teaching.The parents filled the halls and the classrooms demanding a safe environment for their kids.
America is always helping other countries in need but we need to take care of our kids first.
Thank you for your attention and please talk to the President about this.

Ellen Demeulenaere RN
4333 York Place
Iowa city, Iowa


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Melania Trump who cares for her son so lovingly.

By Ellen Demeulenaere

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