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Dear Melania, hear my cry for help!
My name is Mila, I am citizen of USA
We need help fo Liza, She is 15 y.o. - She is our first grandchild of 10. She has no health insurance. Her condition now is a deep pain in her hip join. Elizaveta has exostoses - benign tumors of the bones. The tumors take the form of cartilage-capped bony outgrowth on the surface of bones. Elizaveta had nine surgeries to remove the exostoses, and many more is coming. But now she has new condition, never had before. (Ostiomyolitis? Cancer? Exostoses?) She came from Russia, where she was moving from one hospital to other, did not get propor care, unfortunatly!!! She is here now, staying with us, in USA Here for medical help in the CHOP, she needs a bone biopsy to find out real cause of her condition. She had a fever over two month, after many tests: blood work, R-Rays, MRI, CT... she went through, and could not start any treatment, before biopsy.
"Biopsy IR procedure including specimen testing" cost with 20 % discount $26,488.00 this price going to keep us in deep debt for life!!!
We need to pay this Biopsy. For the treatment after biopsy will be other price. Please, help Liza!!!
I am a mother and grandmother, I lost my youngest daughter 3 years ago in age 24, can not effort to loose my grandchild.
Any advice would be helpful
Thank you, God bless!
with best wishes, Mila


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Dear Melania, hear my cry for help!

By Mila Mcmanus
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I don't know if Melania will ever read my letter, I know she able to help, not sure she will. God sees for heart! I wouldn't cry for help if I could, please help Liza!
Updates! Liza had the biopsy procedure yesterday (1/25/18); It went well, she has been through so much up to this point! Now waiting for the results as the future appointments will be determined by the biopsy results. She may need to follow up with orthopedics &/or infectious disease &/or oncology (we pray not!!)

By Mila Mcmanus

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