Greatest First Lady

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Just wanted to say that I admire you as our First Lady. You are a very beautiful and lovely lady and a caring and loving First Lady. You are an example of what I think every woman should be like. If I were married I would love for my wife to be a lot like you. Someone for every lady to look up to and I hope there are more young women that take you and make you an example of what they should be like. I admire you for what you have done for our Vets and their family's. Just keep doing what you are doing. Love you and Admire you. Thank you.


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I wrote the last letter as Anonymous and did not mean to but jut wanted you do know that if I had a wife I would want here to be just like you or if I had a daughter for her to be just like you. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and proud of what you do for our Vets and their families and all the work you do. What you did for the Whitehouse for Christmas was beyond amazing. Beyond beautiful. Finally a First Lady with Class.
Keep up all the good work. Love you and Admire You. Steven

By Steven Darr

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