Hello, I'm hoping you can help me, please read..

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Hello i'm writing in hopes that someone will hear me. I'm 37 and I have cerebral palsy, I've been on social security disability since age 24. My c.p. effects all my motor skills and functions and primarily effects the way I talk and walk, which limits me to the types of jobs I can hold. I am married and i have a step-son under my roof 95%of the year. I am on social security disability primarily so i can work part-time and have a full time income and good health insurance but the earning limits that social security sets makes it so so hard to live on since they go on our monthly earnings. I work 24 hours a week at Lowe's killing myself by unloading trucks because it's hard to find jobs that will work around all of social securities limitations, and my body cannot handle a full time job or I would love to get rid of social security and all their headaches. President Trump if you end up reading this I want you to know that I have supported you from day 1 because you do what's fair, what's right and what is just. Three weeks ago social security sent me a letter stating they claim that I went over my earnings limit clear back in Jan, Feb, Mar & Apr of 2016 and that as of April of 2016 I wasn't qualified to receive social security disability anymore. This last Tuesday I decided to log onto my social security account online to see what was going on, when I logged on not only did I find out that they completely stopped my social security they are showing I was overpaid and now owe them $23,808. This is a full years income for me between lowe's and social security. What sets me off track on my earnings at Lowes is bonuses and paid time off, also the 2 months out of the year that we have 3 paychecks. In these 2 months our first check in these months which is on the 1st or 2nd is for the time worked for half of the previous month. During these times we get paid for a 6 week time span in a 4 week time period now how is it fair that social security says that in this 6 weeks in order to stay within their limits that I must lose 2 weeks of pay? Two weeks of pay to my family is $550 and that's big money to us. Why should I have to cut 10 hours just because Lowe's hands out a $100 tax cut bonus? How is this fair? I know sometimes life isn't fair but come on, I'm living in a disabled body where everyday is a struggle anyway, why should I struggle financially? In 2015 I called the social security administration to inquire how to go about all of this and the lady I was speaking with put me on hold to speak with her supervisor, when she came back she said that since I'm on social security disability for a condition like cerebral palsy that will not improve with time that we could start to go on my annual earnings and she said this works like retirement benefits. To me this made perfect sense and sounded legit and that was the last time I called into the ss administration. I would LOVE having help and support on this matter because I am a PROUD born citizen of this country that I LOVE! Ultimatily, I would love to just be able to work as much as my body will allow me to and still claim my disability benefits, that may be asking a lot but sometimes I have big dreams! Any help on these matters would thrill me to no end!



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That was me, if your able to help I'd be so grateful!!

By Mario. M

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