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Melania, we used to think you had brains but the longer you stand by the side of that ASS of a husband of yours the longer you look like an idiot. Think of your son if not yourself.... Think of this country....is this the example you want for Barron ? A man who is a LIAR, SEX PREDATOR, BULLY, SCAM ARTIST, MENTALLY CHALLENGED BIGOTED, FAT OLD WORM OF A MAN ! HE IS NO HUSBAND TO YOU .. The way he leaves you walking BEHIND him, what a schlep. He has no respect food YOU, YOUR SON, THIS COUNTRY or ANYONE else, except maybe the RUSSIANS. SERIOUSLY , is it worth it melania , LEAVE THAT PIG BEFORE HE RUINS YOURS AND BARRONS LIFE


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who the hell are you to think that such an intelligent woman as Melania Trump would entertain anything that you have to say about her MAN, and her marriage, Everyone knows when you comment on another woman and her marriage and her husband would only show your jealous side,, don't be a hater, what about your husband and your children, take a look at that. Melania Trump when you can where a dress that costs $48,000.00 then you can comment and maybe she will listen. When you live in a penthouse dripping in gold, then get into a armored car and ride to the airport where the plane has your name on the outside of the plane, then decide what you are willing to put up with, don't hate on this lady for loving her husband, in a different way then you would, How does this become your business, and how do you feel obligated to put in your 2 cents
Mrs, Melania Trump is intelligent and the most Graceful woman to ever step foot in the white house in years. So for once and for all let them be happy as a couple and raise their children with dignity and elegance,

By Terrance Smith

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