our nations' children

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OUR children need help to be safe. The issues are deeper than guns!!
I recently took a seminar by a brilliant, easy to understand, get to heart of the problem man. His writings on children with special needs, emotional issues and behavior difficulties are extensively published.
During the seminar he outlined many ways to assess children for difficulties in behavior. He had screening tools that pick up problems early !!
If our schools could be educated and mandatory screening done, we as a nation and our children would be safer!!
the class was Sensory Processing Impairments giving Sensory, Social-Emotional and Classroom Strategies for More Successful Treatment Outcomes
Presented by John F Taylor, Ph.D
I think the president and counsel would find one of many potential solutions speaking with him
email drtaylor@add-plus.com


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screening children early for emotional and social issues is so important and can be a prevention

By joann

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