You are lucky!

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Dear Melania:
You are married to a power house of a man and of course, he would have his pick of the most beautiful women of the world. Don`t let anything hurt you or your son or husband`s feelings about certain mean people. I wrote your husband and told him what a great job he is doing. I just wish that my husband was here to see the end to the Korea war that he died for. My husband would be so proud of your husband and of course, the woman always makes the man, right? I hope I am not too forward in my writing, but I am just honest and straight forward like our President. Thank you for being our first lady and your son is pretty nice and I am glad that they are leaving him alone. I finally got the portrait of your husband that I asked for I was so happy, I am going to frame it as soon as I can get out of the house and get a frame. I hope Mr. Trump doesn`t get soured on running again, we really need him for an 8 year stint.
Bye for now, Margie McGee


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